Pelly and friends on a 4-seater bike
Pelly the uranium pellet

Hi, I'm Pelly!

OPG Uranium Pellet. โšก
Environmentalist. ๐ŸŒŽ
Aspiring micro-micro-micro influencer. ๐ŸŒŸ


@pelly: Pumping out power with the clean energy crew! Keeping Ontario carbon-free is a team sport, and ngl... we're the GOATs.
@pelly: I'm all over this "tiny living" thing. For the same amount of energy, nuclear power needs 100 times less land than solar, and 500 times less than wind!
@pelly: Me: *the size of a quarter* also me: *helping power 60% of the province*
@pelly: Can I blow your mind real quick? The waste from one person's lifetime of nuclear power fits in a pop can. ONE. SINGLE. POP. CAN.
@pelly: Weather can't stop the nuclear game - I'm on my grind, rain or shine. IYKYK.
@pelly: I know my moves are fire but nuclear power actually doesn't involve burning fuel. Greenhouse gas is not the vibe.
@pelly: Making moves towards that carbon-free future! When it comes to fighting climate change, there are no small parts - only small pellets.
@pelly: Night owls and early birds can all agree on one thing: clean energy 24/7 gets a sold 10/10. They don't call me "baseload" for nothing.
@pelly: Hereโ€™s the real news about nuclear. In the past 50 years, yours truly has reduced CO2 emissions by over 60 gigatons.
@pelly: Uranium pellets contain 1 MILLION times more energy than fossil fuels, sooo yeah I'm gonna flex.